A Greener Shade of Grape – Bozzo Family Vineyards

A Greener Shade of Grape – Bozzo Family Vineyards

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Bozzo Family Vineyards
Purcellville, VA

One aspect that is pretty standard to any vineyard origin story is the key point in time from their first planting to their first vintage.  Winemaking is not a business where you can hit the ground running and hope that first year carries you over to a second, third, and beyond.  

Some vineyards take a decade or so to perfect their process and product, forgoing sales to focus on experimentation.  Others use those early years to sell their grapes to the more established vineyards until they have the infrastructure and vine maturity to stand on their own. But thanks to the latest technology and transplanting techniques, that window to perfection has been shortened considerably.  Bozzo, a family-oriented endeavor, managed to go from their first planting in 2015 to their first release in 2018– warp speed compared to vineyards that opened just a decade or two ago.

Another benefit newer vineyards have is the ability to use the latest green technology, as winemaking is (ironically) not always the greenest business. It can produce wastewater and runoff and consumes significant power in both production and temperature control for storage.

Bozzo embraces those green technologies. They treat wastewater before injecting it into EPA-approved wastewater wells, use active technology to produce energy with solar panels, and use passive tech like insulation and sky lighting to reduce consumption. The greening of their vineyard allows you to enjoy a glass of Bozzo wine knowing that it comes with a slightly smaller carbon footprint. 

Steve and Maureen Bozzo manage to produce wines that aren’t a gimmick and can hold their own against much more established vineyards.  Take their B3, a Bordeaux-style blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon that has captured local and national medals. All of their wines are very approachable– from several Chardonnays to a deep-colored rose that is perfect for either a special dinner or an afternoon on the porch.  

So, head to Loudon County and spend an afternoon in their tasting room or at a picnic table on the lawn.  Grab a quick nibble on-site or bring your own picnic basket and settle in for an enjoyable day.  Whether going for the greener impact on the environment or the welcoming green lawn, you cannot go wrong no matter the reason for visiting Bozzo Family Vineyards.

Their bestsellers – 2nd Act (red wine blend), Erin Viognier, Eileen Chardonnay.

Visit Bozzo Family Vineyards at – 35226 Charles Town Pike, Purcellville, VA 20132 (check the website for current days and hours https://bozwines.com)

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