Big Fish Cider Co.: Quality Fruit, Quality Cider, For Quality People

Big Fish Cider Co.: Quality Fruit, Quality Cider, For Quality People

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Monterey, Virginia
Est. 2015

To make great cider you need two things, great fruit and a great team. At Big Fish Cider Co. we use both of those to our highest advantage. President and cider maker, Kirk B has had a passion for apple picking, tree grafting, and professional cider making for 28 years now. His secret is all in the apples.

Big Fish Cider Co. is a small, family owned cidery with an intense focus on high quality cider and forming communities of true cider lovers. They do this with a small tight-knit, dedicated team in Highland County. The process begins with the selection of apples. Most are locally grown in Big fish orchards while others freshly wild picked apples, those from local old farmsteads, and even unsprayed and unfertilized apples. The full lot of varitals includes: Golden Russet, Baldwin, Roxbury Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel, Grimes Golden, Northern Spy, Dolgo Crab, Virginia Hewes Crab, Fameuse, Golden Harvy, Wickson Crab, Granniewinkle, and Smith Cider among others.

However, the process for creating the perfect cider doesn’t stop there. They focus on our growing methods, using no irrigation and smaller crops of apples that make for sweeter and smoother ciders. They press apples on site, ferment slowly and cold, and mature and blend the bold flavors through post-fermentation aging. Big Fish Cider Co takes cider seriously, and the proof is all in the results. Most of the featured ciders are award winning, including: GLINTCAP best in show Wild Meadow, a sparkling gold clear off-dry cider featuring locally grown wild apples; one of Big Fish Cider Co’s most traditional ciders. Other fan favorites and GLINTCAP winners include: Crabbottom Pippin, Highland Scrumpy, and Allegheny Gold.

Despite the wide range of traditional ciders, the best selling bottle from Big Fish Cider Co. is a flavored cider: Churchill Blush, a raspberry and apple mix that appeals to all. However it’s usually a toss up on any given day. If you’re looking to appreciate high quality ciders, Big Fish Cider Co. has tasting rooms open Fridays and Saturdays from 4-7pm and 2-7pm. They also self-distribute from the Shenandoah Valley to Harrisonburg in the north, Roanoke to Blacksburg in the south, and from Highland County in the west to Richmond in the east.

Stop by the Big Fish Cider orchards for a high quality cider experience and inviting family vibe. The cider is fresh and waiting!

Best Sellers: Church Hill Blush, a Raspberry cider made with local apples and local raspberries.

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Visit Big Fish Co at 59 Spruce Street Monterey,. VA 24464. Find their hours and more information at