Briedé Family Vineyards: Where Everyone is Welcomed Like Family

Briedé Family Vineyards: Where Everyone is Welcomed Like Family

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Briedé Family Vineyards

Winchester, VA
Est. in 2013

Paul and Loretta Briedé took the Italian saying “anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai” (loosely translated to “age and glasses of wine should never be counted”) to heart in the literal sense. A trip to Italy inspired their passion for grape growing and they decided to pursue opening a winery of their own, turning their love into a family affair. 

Upon their return, the Briedé family got to work researching the potential for grape-growing in Virginia. With such a unique climate compared to the traditional California vineyards, the best option was to focus their efforts on an organic grape, so they got to work. With family at the heart of their operation, the place they called home for the past 30 years and where they raised their family was transformed into the Briedé Family Vineyards we know today. Each Briedé plays a unique part in the wine production, from hand-tending the vines in the fields to finding unique combinations of grapes.

Through 2018, this focus on organic grape production was a key feature of the vineyard. After issues with crop disease, their focus now lies with hybrid grapes, which are resistant to fungus and need minimal intervention. Hybrid grapes also have a shortened growing season, making it easier to harvest the best fruit for wine production.

With lands rich in family history, this love and passion was transformed into award-winning wines. The crowd-favorite Arandell wine, produced since their first grapes back in 2013, recently won a silver medal in the California Sommelier Challenge competition. Despite the fact that this smooth, red hybrid wine is rich in flavor, the grape variety is limited to production worldwide, making it almost a Briedé Vineyards exclusive.

So, whether you are a Briedé family member or not, come enjoy a glass at the vineyards, where everyone is welcomed with open arms like family. Visit their tasting room, an old show horse barn reimagined into French country-style, in Winchester, Virginia.

Our best seller: Award winning Arandell
Our best seller: Award winning Arandell

Visit Briedé Family Vineyards at 450 Green Spring Road Winchester, VA 22603. Find their hours and more information at