Brooks Mill Winery: The Finest of Fruits

Brooks Mill Winery: The Finest of Fruits

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Brooks Mill Winery

Franklin County, Virginia
Est. in 2008

Brooks Mill Winery is a small, family-owned and operated farm fruit winery in Franklin County, Virginia.  Unlike most other wineries, Brooks Mill, which sits on a nearly 1-acre lot, does not harvest grapes. They are a fruit winery – alongside their blackberries, they grow blueberries, pears, apples, peaches, plums, and cherries.

Rhonda Page and her husband’s love for fruit wine dates back to 2006 when they first started their blackberry vineyard. Rhonda prefers fruit wines to grape-based wines and swears by her husband’s fruit wine. The “retired” couple has been growing fruit for over twelve years. With the help of family and friends, Brooks Mill Winery turned from a hobby to a dream-filled reality in December 2008. 

The Pages have spent the last decade using trial and error alongside plenty of research to fine-tune unique fruits to create their delicious wines. “Our fruit wines are totally different from other fruit wineries” says Rhonda. From dry dinner wines to sweet dessert wines, Brooks Mill has a wine for every taste preference. Their wines have won many awards throughout the years, including bronze, silver and gold Winery of the Month Awards, but their best-selling blackberry wine is one that can’t be missed. No trip to Franklin County would be complete without a sweet (or dry) glass of wine from Brooks Mill Winery.

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