Dovecote Farms: Quality Over Quantity

Dovecote Farms: Quality Over Quantity

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Dovecote Farms

Blue Ridge, Virginia
Est. in 2014

What’s in a name? Plenty if you’re Dovecote Farms! A dovecote is a small building for doves or domesticated pigeons to live in. During medieval Europe, doves and pigeons were an important food source but these small yet mighty birds were also a symbol of status and power. Similar to the petite yet powerful pigeon, Dovecote Farm packs a punch with a vineyard measuring just shy of one acre of Chardonnay grapes. Although their production is smaller than many, their focus is on the quality of the product rather than the quantity.

Dovecote Farms:

The fertile soil in the hills of the Blue Ridge mountains made the perfect landing spot for the vineyard, which was founded in 2014 with their first harvest in 2017. The staff lovingly and carefully tend to the vines daily during the growing season. Their painstaking care pays off each August with a rich harvest, ready for the next steps in the process with Dovecote’s contract winemaker, King Family Vineyards.

Dovecote Farms

With familial ties to the Monticello wine region dating back to the 1700’s, bringing quality wine to the region was a natural step for the Pickert family, owners of Dovecote Farm. After several decades working in the legal and finance industries in Orlando, Florida, Valerie and Steve Pickert decided to plant roots- literally- back home in Virginia. Just as dovecotes were found as far away as Spain, France, and Belgium, a well-traveled taste for quality wine (and wanting to be closer to family) is what brought the Pickerts back to the commonwealth. The Pickerts were thrilled to bring that passion and love of wine from across the globe to the Virginia wine industry.

Dovecote Farms white wine

A Dovecote can also be defined as a settled or harmonious group or organization. True to their name, the Pickert family has brought harmony and a quality product to the region with their Dovecote Farm chardonnay. Each bottle is a reflection of and dedication to their love of their local community.

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