MountainRose Vineyards: A Vision in Coal Country

MountainRose Vineyards: A Vision in Coal Country

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Mountain Rose Vineyards

Wise, Virginia
Est. in 2004

The roots of MountainRose Vineyard run deep, and we’re not just talking about the vines. One hundred years ago, the property served as a mining site with sediment ponds, clouds of coal dust, and trucks rumbling around. Today, that same property is a sanctuary in the heart of the Appalachian mountains with a fishable blue pond, more than a hundred varieties of roses, unbeatable views, and a 20 acre vineyard that has produced many award-winning wines.

The land itself has been in the Lawson family for generations, for more than a century. Part owner David Lawson saw the potential in this family-owned land and took a giant leap of faith when he decided to turn the property into a vineyard. With early dreams of being an entrepreneur, he rooted his first grape vines on the family property from a 100-year-old Concord while he was still in high school. Although David was convinced that the nutrient-rich soil would be ideal conditions for growing grape vines, his family encouraged him to set a more solid foundation in life. So, he went to school for engineering with visions of grape leaves still swirling in his head. Fast forward to a semester working at a winery and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to David’s vision and his parents’ partnership, the first winery in Wise County, Virginia came to life.

It’s not just grape vine roots that run deeply throughout the land. The winery’s namesake, “MountainRose” is a seventh generation family heirloom rose located on the property alongside 100+ other rose varieties. Roses in vineyards can act as a “canary in the mine,” identifying diseases that may affect the vines with enough time to take action to prevent it. They also partner beautifully with the pristine view of the pond, the vines, and the rolling Appalachian hills surrounding the property.

The wines that these grape vines produce are complex in flavor thanks to the abundance of minerals in the soil. From Tempranillo to Niagara, there are nearly a dozen different wines to choose from at the tasting room. Guests can enjoy one of their many award winners such as the Riesling (Governor’s Cup winner) or their most award-winning wine, Autumn Gold. With MountainRose Vineyards having harvested 25 tons of grapes in 2021, we are excited to pop open a bottle of whatever comes next!

Best Seller: Pardee Red and Dorchester Red

Visit MountainRose Vineyards at 10439 N Reservoir Rd, Wise, VA 24293. Find their hours and more information at