Philip Carter Winery: The Founding Family of American Wine

Philip Carter Winery: The Founding Family of American Wine

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Philip Carter Winery

Philip Carter Winery: The Founding Family of American Wine™
Hume, Virginia
Est. in 2008

The legacy of the Philip Carter family dates back to the 1700s; October 20, 1762 to be exact. On that day, Philip Carter Winery earned the historic title of the producers of the first internationally recognized fine wines in America. The Royal Society of the Arts bequeathed the honor onto their product, kicking off centuries of effort from Virginia’s wine producers on the international stage. The following year, Francis Fauquier, the Royal Governor of Virginia, certified that the Philip Carter family was growing European vines in Virginia used to produce these internationally recognized wines. Those same high-quality wines are produced today.

Philip Carter Winery reflects a unique history in the industry, so much so that they are trademarked as the Founding Family of American Wine. When asked what keeps the family in the wine business, CEO Philip Carter Strother stated “We are a generational farming family with a centuries-old connection to wine production in Virginia” preserving that connection and history is as important to their family now as it was in the 1700s. Their winery grows 10 grape varietals on their 20 acres of vines and produce both seasonal wines and returning favorites.

The winery itself sits on 27 acres of gorgeous landscape overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains in Hume, Virginia. Visitors can enjoy a tasting, tours, and various educational programming throughout the seasons. At Philip Carter Winery, history is preserved, friends gather, weddings are celebrated, and families enjoy picnics on the grass. The history and culture of their wine is celebrated and the beauty and heritage of Virginia are preserved every day at the winery. The family views their vineyards as far more than a place to grow grapes, they see it as a place to grow community.

From the 1700s to the 21st century, the production of fine wine remains paramount to the legacy of Philip Carter Winery. And, like a fine wine, that is something that will never go out of style.

Philip Carter Winery
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Visit Philip Carter Winery at 4366 Stillhouse Road, Hume, Virginia 22639. Find their hours and more information at