The Hague Winery: Stop for a Flight or Stay for the Night

The Hague Winery: Stop for a Flight or Stay for the Night

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The Hague Winery

Hague, Virginia
Est. in 2008

Not far from the northern neck of Virginia lies the Hague Winery. Located on a hundreds year old farm in a small rural Virginia town, the winery encompasses a perfect combination of specially crafted fine wines and history all in one. The rich history and serene views make it a place to escape with friends. Although the birth of the winery itself dates back to 2009, the history of the farm can be traced all the way back to 1835. Like their wine, the winery is growing and aging beautifully.

The Hague Winery manager, Cheryl Reamy, describes the atmosphere of the winery as intimate, inviting, and community-oriented. The love of wine that she and the rest of the staff have extends to their guests at every visit and into the wine that they produce. Their wines are personally vetted, tasted, and approved, making it easy to uphold their promise of “Fine Wines in a Historic Setting.” Throughout the vineyard, hard work and excellence are what fuel the winemaking. Each vine throughout the vineyard is hand-tended, closely monitored, and vinted using French form. With selections ranging from rose, whites, and reds, The Hague Winery has something for everyone. Try the Chardonel, their most popular wine; it is smooth with a touch of muscat ottonel.

In addition to the wines, the Hague Winery hosts local art and food products in their tasting room gift shop, and various events throughout the year. Enjoy a flight with some local cheese and jam, sit at the fire pit with a robust red, or enjoy a bottle of rose while grilling on the back patio of their rentable guest cottage. Like the wines, the vineyard is made to celebrate special days with friends. Celebrate a variety of private events like showers and weddings, rent the guest cottage for the weekend at The Hague Winery, or simply pack a picnic and crack open a bottle with friends while taking in the peaceful views.

Best Sellers: Chardonel– smooth with a touch of muscat ottonel

Visit The Hague Winery at 8268 Cople Hwy, Hague, VA 22469. Find their hours and more information at