Three Sisters of Shiney Rock Winery: Preserving the Family Farm

Three Sisters of Shiney Rock Winery: Preserving the Family Farm

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Three Sisters of Shiney Rock Winery: Preserving the Family Farm

The Powell family was at risk of losing their 100-year old farm south of Clarksville, Virginia, so they had to make a decision. Ultimately, they transformed their old family farm that historically grew tobacco into something new – focusing on growing grapes and producing wine.

The Powell sisters – aka Beth Graham, Susan Coates and Kay Candelora – transformed their home into Three Sisters of Shiney Rock Winery, opening to the public in 2011. Operated by their families volunteering on the farm, everything is done by hand, including picking, processing and bottling. Beth and her husband, Edward, who are primarily responsible for the winemaking, were inspired to go into the industry after Edward’s family grew up producing alcohol as a fun hobby. He shared this love with Beth and the rest is history.

Three Sisters of Shiney Rock focus their grape-growing efforts on Muscadine and Scuppernong grapes because the sisters grew up eating them off of the land. Muscadines are wild grapes grown in Virginia, producing a high level of antioxidants and Scuppernongs are a type of Muscadines. And since they are indigenous grapes, the winery doesn’t use any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides on their plants. With a long history in the state, even Thomas Jefferson claimed that they were superior, pleasing the Europeans with their unique flavor. These grapes are picked from September through the middle of October and hand pressed to preserve flavor. 

With these unique grapes, the vineyard currently offers both a Muscadine and Scuppernong wine alongside Blackberry, Apple, and their best-selling Perky Poma Mama (a pomegranate and Muscadine wine). Their wines are found across Virginia in various retailers, from Clarksville to Short Pump. 

Stop by the Three Sisters of Shiney Rock vineyard and be surprised by what the native Virginia grapes can do, producing exceptional wine!

Our best seller: Perky Poma Mama

Three Sisters of Shiney Rock is open weekly on Saturdays from 10-4 p.m. and by advance appointment during any off times. The winery is closed in January and February. You can visit them at 5484 Shiney Rock Road, Clarksville, VA and find more information at